Project Mercury (2018)

Project Mercury (2018) is a collaboration between Design Informatics and Tesco Bank. Exploring fintech through creative, data led projects.


Project Mercury (2018) is a collaboration between Design Informatics and Tesco Bank. Exploring fintech through creative, data led projects. 24 partcipants from diverse fields – UX, Data Science, Engineering, Architecture, Product Design, Behavioural Science experts were dropping in provocative lectures to fire their imaginations and enspire visions of the future. 3 projects have emerged and will be displayed at Design Informatics Pavilion (2018)

DeedIt –

"Deedit is a project harnessing today’s popular activism – think mass action to reduce plastics in the sea.  We are more aware than ever of the impact of our actions and have a desire to make a positive difference to our environment and community."

Lense -

"In a speculated future, ownership of data is shifting from businesses to individuals. Ever thought of sharing your Amazon purchases with a potential employer? What if it helped you get your dream job? Actively explore the different data sources you could leverage to build your own digital identity."


"Would you let an artificial intelligence manage your finances for you? Let’s be honest, for most of us, budgeting is a chore. Can we banish it in the data-driven 21st Century with a digital financial assistant? Introducing Tess. Proactive, connected to your smart home, managing everything for you."



  • (2018) Design Informatics Pavilion