Nexus (2019) is an interactive visual installation that aims to question our relationship with technology and each other using simple principles of conductance and LED mapping using VJing software (Resolume). Drawing inspiration from the ‘Creation of Adam’ by Michelangelo, our installation is a futuristic take on the Renaissance masterpiece.


The installation comprising of two 3D printed slightly larger than life human hands, one depicting God and the other Adam. Wrapped in a copper tape that induces the conductive property, the hands are placed at a reasonable distance from each other, encouraging participants to hold onto the hands and effectively ‘bridge’ the connection, closing a circuit and setting off the LED lights. Cables and LEDs emerge from the wrist of each hand and merge into the environment creating a hellscape of wires above participants. The lights and sounds produced vary based on the number of participants creating the connection, while also having a passive behaviour if no one interacts with the piece.

project team

Quy Phung Ta - Design, Fabrication, Photography
Reuben Jacob - Design, Fabrication, Photography
Shaune Oosthuizen - Design, Programming, Fabrication


(March 2019) Nexus as installed at the @interactivearchitecturelab Project Faire (images above).

(May 2019) Nexus in smaller form factor for @Grow's - Sense #5: Experiencing Colour