Little Sparta - Interactive Guide

Installation Jun 01, 2018


As part of an Open Project Fund award from Creative Scotland, a two-year pilot project designed to increase and enhance access to the garden both for the public and for artists.

This interactive guide was intended to aid help educated visitors about the nuances of selected artworks including their context, history, and location in some cases. All the while not leaving any visible artefacts, which might interfere with the artworks.


Users would arrive on-site and receive an iPad. Users would then wander around the garden. When in a predefined range of a key artwork, contextual information would appear on the iPad. This would range from a photograph with a basic bio of the piece as well as a wealth of information the Little Sparta Gardener George Gilliland had amassed throughout his time there.

project team

Sigrid Schmeisser - Design

Shaune Oosthuizen - App Development, R&D, Onsite installation

Shaune Oosthuizen

Shaune's work manifests in the bisection of art, design and technology, producing experimental transdisciplinary projects. Such as interactive installations, machine-learning and immersive experience.