After Money

Interaction Aug 05, 2017


AfterMoney is a research project that explores present and possible forms of value exchange in the digital economy to challenge perceptions of current as well as future practices. Resulting in a research tool that reveals some of the increasingly common non-monetary exchanges in a growing digital sharing economy. The project aims to highlight concealed practices of how we trade, barter and share value across multiple forms of currency.

After Money - UX flow

project team

Yuxi Liu - Design, Photography
Bettina Nissen - Design, 3D modeling
Shaune Oosthuizen - App Development


(Aug 2017) After Money was installed in the Design Informatics Pavilion as part of the FuturePlay Festival during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

Shaune Oosthuizen

Shaune's work manifests in the bisection of art, design and technology, producing experimental transdisciplinary projects. Such as interactive installations, machine-learning and immersive experience.