U:RE is an interactive performance, designed to highlight the ease in which deepfakes can be created and how they are beginning to blur the lines of fact and fiction.

U:RE is part of a large investigative series called Machined Surveillance. The focus of the series is to question the augmented of surveillance capabilities of governments & cooperations using Machine Learning. This series also covers the creation of deepfakes and their underlying datasets. To address the question, “How are the general populous able to utilise Machine-learning algorithms to aid in counter-surveillance techniques?”. However, in order to answer this, the following needs to be addressed – “What does the machine know about me from my data?”, “What do machines see versus what humans see?”; “Do you believe what you see?”.

U:RE was exhibited as part of Interactive Architecture Lab's Prototypes in Public at the Samsung KX store in Kings Cross. (14-15 August 2019)


Tensorflow, OpenCV